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Nike Vapor Cage 4

April 23, 2020

Rafael Nadal’s new shoe. This shoe has been designed for one of the players who moves better and more than anyone on the tennis court, therefore it measures up to all the demands that a player of this type needs. Nike has merged two of its best shoes into one, achieving this spectacular result. The best qualities of the Cage and Vapor models come together for this spectacular Vapor Cage 4. As you can see at a glance these shoes are loaded with technology, including a zoom air unit in the front as well as a unique system of laces. after testing them carefully we have agreed that stability, comfort and of course durability are the hallmarks of this model from nike.
An upper part that highlights its hidden laces under the inner part to protect them and thus offer more durability to that part of the shoe that many forget. Breathable and good grip feeling on the foot.
A midsole with the Zoom Air unit closer to the forefoot that offers better response in sprints and pace changes. Side reinforcements to achieve better stability and sensation in lateral movements.
Outsole with a mix design between rubber and Kurim for more durability in areas of maximum wear. Perfect combination for those who slide the most on the court.


durability, bring a 6-month guarantee for the outsole.its comfort, with the air zoom unit a little more in the front.its stability, both on hard court and clay

Ventilation and weight are the collateral damage of this great durability.Depending on the shape of your foot, they can be a bit wide on the sides.


Without a doubt this shoe does not leave anyone indifferent, if you can enter the court and intimidate your rival from the first moment just looking a little faster and stronger in your movements, you will start with at least a small advantage. When we talk about tennis shoes there are two essential things, the first is stability and the second is durability, these Vapor Cage 4 add a reinforced part to the toe to protect this area from maximum wear. One of the strongest points of this shoe is the technology they have used to hide the laces on the inside, one of the big problems that high-level players have when skidding and in cases damaging the shoe in this area. The laces are hidden under the inner part of the shoe which solves this problem perfectly. Air Zoom unit in the front to get faster response in jumps and changes of pace, with all these improvements nike has taken a leap to the next level with this model. Players of all skill levels who get the most out of their shoes should try these new vapor cage 4 before trying other lighter or faster wearing models.